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Are you sleep by Turning light ‘On’ then this article is definitely for you



Are you sleep by Turning light 'On' then this article is definitely for you

Better health requires a healthy diet and adequate sleep with a good routine. Any deficiency in sleep duration and quality can affect complete physical and mental health. This is the reason that health experts recommend all people get an uninterrupted sleep of 6-8 hours every night. However, it is considered very necessary to have a suitable environment for good sleep. In studies, the habit of sleeping by lighting off at night has been described as better. People who maintain any light while sleeping may risk sleep-related problems.

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Health experts say that the activity of certain types of hormones may be affected due to light at bedtime, which can cause problems in achieving good sleep. Researchers found that people who keep the light turned on at bedtime get less sleep every night than other people.

What was revealed in the study?

In a study conducted on the quality of sleep, researchers found that having any light during sleep makes it difficult for the brain to achieve deep sleep. At night, artificial light can also affect the level of a hormone called melatonin, this hormone is considered necessary for sleep quality. The problem of melatonin levels also increases the risk of many other diseases including cancer and diabetes.

In this way, there may be a risk of many types of health problems due to lack of sleep. Let us know what kind of disadvantages are thereby keeping light on at bedtime?

Risk of many types of chronic diseases

The study suggests that sleeping by turning on a light at night can cause sleep obstruction. If the problem of long sleep remains in this way, it can cause many types of chronic diseases. The risk of having issues like high blood pressure, heart disease and type-2 diabetes in such people can be many times higher.

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Depression can become causes

Sleeping by turning on lights at night can affect brain functions, causing a risk of developing depression in the long -term. The blue light emanating from electronic devices can negatively affect your mood. Lack of sleep can also cause mood disorders and irritability. People who are unable to get enough sleep due to any reason are at risk of depression over time.

Obesity may increase

A study conducted on women found that obesity is greater in those who sleep by turning ON the light. During the study, the participants saw the problem of the increased weight of about 4.5 kg in 1 year. Researchers found that by turning ON the light, the brain does not get complete rest. This can cause weight gain due to disturbances in the level of physical hormones.

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