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Children’s memory is weak due to Noise Pollution, brain development can be stunted by 23.5%


Children’s memory is weak due to high traffic on the school route while going to school. Researchers from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health in Spain conducted research on children studying in 38 schools in Barcelona.

In this research of 2,680 children aged 7 to 10 years, it was found that even an increase of 5 decibels in the level of external noise reduces memory capacity by 11.5%. At the same time, the development of the ability to do difficult tasks is also affected by 23.5%. Due to this the focus on studies decreased by 4.8%.

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Noise pollution slows down memory development

Keeping in view the noise pollution in future, schools should be made in such a place where there is less noise and traffic.
The author of this research, Jordi Sawyer, said that our research supports the theory that childhood is a vulnerable period. Noise pollution slows down the process of memory development that occurs before adolescence. Keeping this in view in future, schools should be made in such a place where there is less noise and traffic.

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Comparing outdoor and indoor noise, the researchers found that children in schools with noisy playgrounds performed poorly on all tests. However, noisy classes only affect children’s attention, not their memory. Study lead author Dr Maria Foster said the finding suggests that indoor noise at higher than average decibel levels can be a threat to neurodevelopment.

Children from areas with more pollution and traffic are obese

Researchers from the University Institute for Primary Care Research Jordi Gol found that children living in areas with high air pollution, noise pollution and traffic were more likely to be obese.

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