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6 reasons which lead to your heart failure

6 reasons which lead to your heart failure

6 reasons which lead to your heart failure

Heart failure or cardiac failure is also called congestive heart failure, this is when the heart muscles stop pumping blood, as they should. If the condition of high blood pressure or contracted arteries or coronary artery disease is not controlled or treated, it can weaken your heart and affect the process of blood pumping. However, this does not mean that cardiovascular failure will only be due to high blood pressure and coronary artery disease. This happens only when those conditions are not treated at the right time or when your lifestyle does not improve, then it causes heart failure.

You must know these great causes of heart failure

Heart Attack :-One of the most common forms of cardiovascular disease is coronary artery disease, which can lead to heart attack and heart failure if not controlled. Coronary artery disease is the result of fat accumulation in arteries, which reduces blood flow, which leads to heart attack.

High blood pressure :-In the case of hypertension, your heart needs to work hard to transmit blood throughout the body. This extra effort can make your heart muscles strong and vulnerable to effectively pump blood, if it continues for such a long time. In such a way, cardiovascular failure can cause.

Cardiac defects since birth:- If your heart and valves are not properly arranged during birth, then your heart needs to work hard to pump blood. Which can later cause heart failure.

Heart rhythm:-People have a risk of heart failure if the heart rhythm is abnormal. Abnormal heart rhythm can speed up your heartbeat and make it difficult. Slow heartbeat can cause heart failure.

Heart valves do not work properly:-Heart valves are responsible for maintaining blood flow through the heart. A damaged valve forces your heart to work harder and makes it weak with time. Heart valves are damaged due to heart defects, coronary artery disease or cardiac infection.

Heart muscle damage:-Cardiomyopathy or cardiovascular muscle damage can be caused due to many diseases, toxic effects of alcohol, and toxic effects of cocaine or those used for chemotherapy. Sometimes, due to genetic factors, cardiac muscle damage may occur.

What we can do for avoide them

Regular exercise, being physically active, eliminating the amount of sodium from your diet, reducing stress and maintaining proper weight, etc. can make your heart healthy by making some changes in lifestyle.