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You can move even a mountain with Meditation

You can move even a mountain with Meditation

You can move even a mountain with Meditation

Most people do all the risky work of their life between the ages of 18 to 25 years. It is mandatory that we learn to turn the storms and touch the heights. At this time, selecting right or wrong, loud and taking action is even faster than ideas, so it is important that we first make the right decision. Our Friend Circle is closest to us and has the greatest impact on us. Our friends are the reason for our greatest happiness. In this period of life, meditation can become the strongest partner.

There are 7 spells of meditation for the youth.

Be adaptable to everyone

Be adaptable for different situations “I was very angry and violent, and often struggled in college. I did not have any friends. I did not understand how I could help myself. Meditation made me calm. Now I have many friends whom I care about and I am no longer violent. “- Meditator

The Power of Meditation: Cultivating Inner Peace and Well-Being in a New Hectic World

We all are friendly with nature. If we oppose, then it is due to stress or stress. Meditation reduces stress raises our talents and feeds us like flowers. Making friends become easier. Caring for others has become our nature.

Make your dreams come true

“I was very ambitious, and wanted to be a singer, but I did not believe in myself. By regular practice of meditation, I got this confidence that I could do it. Today I am in a music band and every I do show the week. ” – Meditator

Like every young man, we want to touch our dreams and ambitions. Meditation gives us the strength and confidence to believe and fulfil our dreams.

Think separately from the league

“By the practice of regular meditation, I found that many of the talents in me are hidden. I have awakened the hidden creativity inside me; And thought out separately from the leaks. Now in whatever I do, meditation adds a different identity. “- Meditator

When we go to a mobile shop, we choose the most popular models, because it is shining differently than the normal models. When we meditate, creativity begins to grow, we think something different from the new beginning and create a place unintentionally for ourselves.

Be still

“I used to be disturbed by the behaviour of others and the unpleasant situations in life, but since I started meditating regularly, there has been a sense of acceptance in life. Everyone who comes into life can easily be accepted “- Meditator

Due to being young, we have to face such unpleasant situations many times, which makes us anxious. Sometimes these problems start to separate us from ourselves. Meditation gives us the power of self-acceptance and acceptance so that we come to behave calmly in difficult situations too. It makes us capable of taking great responsibility and makes us a better person. We can not stop the rain, but if we have umbrellas then we can move forward with more confidence. Meditation is like an umbrella at the time of crisis.

Meditate every Day

”I used to smoke continuously for seven years. A friend suggested to me that I should learn to meditate. With regular meditation of Sahaj samadhi meditation, I have been able to completely leave my cigarette, I fell addicted to meditation as I feel like the addition of a cigarette. ” -Meditator

Meditation helps in leaving and reducing smoking, like a permanent alternative. It is a natural way to feel the heights, without losing consciousness or health. Meditation frees our mind from any craving, intense desire to smoke or addiction. So quit smoking and start living.

Direction to your energy

“Since I started meditation, I feel more enthusiastic and energetic throughout the day. I am able to do more creative work and also do some service work. ‘ Meditator

we are the ocean of energy, excitement and creative power. Meditation gives us the opportunity to feel our full potential. We become more innovative and functional and put our energy into more positive and creative work.

Stay in love with your parents

“Meditation has helped me to make an integral bond with my parents. Now we share our happiness and problems with each other. Meditating together has become our relationship and special. “- Meditator


When we meditate, we can communicate peacefully and efficiently with our parents. This also reduces the communication gap between us. Meditation makes us more conscious and clever in choosing between parents’ suggestions and also helps in making the choice.