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Are back pain keeps you upset ? know what is the reason and home remedies

Are back pain keeps you upset ? know what is the reason and home remedies

Due to the changing lifestyle, many people are struggling with back pain. Back pain is not a common problem, but if ignored, it can lead to serious consequences. Now the question arises that why does the problem of back pain start? Let’s know what is the real cause of back pain –

The wrong way to sleep

According to expert, back pain is often caused by wrong methods of sleeping. People often sleep in the wrong position, due to which there is a problem of back pain and after waking up in the morning one feels a slight pain in the waist. Apart from this, if pillows and mattresses are not comfortable then it can also cause discomfort in the waist.

Effect of exercise

Exercise is very important for our health, but it depends on how we are exercising. Is it that the exercise we are doing is wrong, its method is wrong or is it not exercising excessively? Due to these small mistakes, one can also face back pain. So always keep in mind that exercise is done correctly and do not overdo it too.

 Lifting heavy weight

Many times, due to lifting heavy luggage, there is also problem of back pain. If the way of lifting heavy goods is wrong, then it causes a stretch in the muscles and due to which the problem of back pain starts after some time. So always keep in mind that if you lift any heavy weight, do not lift it with a jerk. Lifting any weight correctly will not cause any physical discomfort.

Effect of catering

If the catering is not done properly, due to lack of proper nutrition, bones also begin to suffer. People who consume high amount of junk food, stale food and high fat diet may also have complaints like back pain.

Effect of other causes

There are many other reasons due to which many people continue to have back pain problem, under this, if someone has a chronic injury or internal injury, then he may also have a problem of back pain in the future or if someone’s bones are weak. Or if you are taking more medicines, then due to its side effects, there may also be a problem of backache. Apart from this, the problem of back pain is also genetic. Or due to old age, there is a problem of back pain due to reduced smoothness in the joints of bones.

 Home remedies for back pain-

Soak two small pieces of ginger in lukewarm water for a while, then add honey to it and eat it daily, taking it daily ends the discomfort of backache. Or massage the waist with ginger oil can also relieve backache. Soak five basil leaves in hot water and then add honey to it, it also cures backache, besides basil oil also reduces waist pain. Can be used for massage.