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Children are also affected by these 11 mental problems

Children are also affected by these 11 mental problems

Children are also affected by these 11 mental problems

Children are very delicate and very tender in nature and this is the reason that any health problem affects them first and foremost. But this health problem is not necessary physical. In today’s changing age, children are struggling with a variety of physical as well as mental problems. Some of these problems are such that are seen only in children, while many mental problems affect children as well as adults. However, its symptoms are quite acute in children. For example, if a child is in depression, his condition will be more serious than that of an adult. Therefore, it is very important that any change in children be given immediate attention. So let us tell you about some mental problems seen in children today-

What is the expert saying

Today many types of mental problems are very common in children. Such as anxiety disorder, PICA, childhood depression, autism, ODD, eating disorder, ADHD, etc. The easiest way to deal with this is to have a parent visit a child specialist, neuroscientist, or child psychologist once the child’s behavior or eating habits change.

–Anxiety disorders–

Children who have an anxiety disorder react to fear, anxiety, or stress upon seeing something or situation. Apart from this, some physical symptoms can also be seen in them, such as nervousness, rapid heartbeat or sweating. Due to anxiety, the child is not able to perform his daily tasks properly. There are many types of anxiety disorder in children like obsessive complex disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, social phobia etc.

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–Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder–

Children are also affected by these 11 mental problems

Children with ADHD usually have problems focusing their attention on one thing. They cannot follow instructions and get bored very quickly. Such children are very impulsive or hyper active and do not think before doing anything. In some children all these symptoms can be seen, in some children one or more symptoms may also be seen.

–Autism spectrum disorder–

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Autism spectrum disorder is a very serious developmental disorder that is most commonly seen in children under three years of age. Although its symptoms and severity may be different in every child, but still such children have difficulty communicating with others.

–Oppositional defiant disorder–

Opposite Defiant Disorder, that is, ODD is a mental problem in which the child never listens to others. Angry and irritable nature is seen in such children. Although most children in today’s age behave to some extent in old age and do not listen to others quickly, this problem is seen so much in the child affected by ODD that it is necessary for parents to handle them Becomes very difficult. When told in easy words, such children always reverse what was said by the elders. For example, if you ask them to eat, they will not eat at all, while if you refuse to eat them, they will definitely eat. Such children always cut the talk of others.

–Conduct disorder–

It is a disorder in which the child constantly quarrels, bullies, lies, steals things, sabotages, runs away from home, cruel behavior towards animals, etc. Most parents always scold or kill such a child, when in fact they need the right treatment.

–Eating disorder–

Eating disorder is mainly associated with children’s emotions, eating and weight. However, eating disorder is seen in children as well as adults. Its main forms are – anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. Due to these eating disorder, only children are not malnourished or their development is not affected. Because of this, many times their lives are also destroyed, so it should not be ignored at all.

–Mood disorder–

In mood disorders like depression or bipolar disorder, the child has too many mood swings. Sometimes he is sad for a long time without any reason, sometimes irritable and sometimes happy. In this way, he does not understand how to handle these changes in his mood.

–Pervasive development disorder–

Children with these disorders are usually confused in their own thinking and because of this they have problems in understanding the world around them.


Children are also affected by these 11 mental problems

Schizophrenia is a very serious mental illness. This disease is seen in more teenagers. Children suffering from this disease get away from the real world and forget about imaginary things to be true. They do not understand what they have to react to in a social situation.

–Pica disorder–

Pica is a mental problem that is most commonly seen in children. In this, children are eager to eat things that are not really edible. It is also called Geophagia. In this, children like to eat chalk, lick the soil, eat the plaster of the walls, match stick, pot or soil etc. If it is not treated in time, then children get into the habit of eating non-edible things and this causes malnourished children, as well as it causes children to have no appetite, weakness, intestinal problems, abdominal pain or worms. , Kidney stones and anemia can be many problems.

–Specific Learning Disability–

SLD is a mental problem in which the child has problems in listening, thinking, speaking, reading, writing or solving questions. It is actually a learning disability in which the child does not learn or understand anything. SLD includes dyslexia, minimal brain dysfunction, executive function disorder, etc. SLD does not include learning problem, emotional, cultural factors, environment etc. due to physical problem.