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Troubled with mosquitoes? Adopt these three home remedies

Troubled with mosquitoes Adopt these three home remedies

Troubled with mosquitoes Adopt these three home remedies

In the rainy season everyone gets disturbed by mosquitoes, so people do a lot to avoid mosquitoes. So the rainy season means mosquitoes and a lot of dangerous diseases. These diseases often prove to be fatal, so it is very important to avoid them.

If you do not have coils, mats or mosquito liquid in your home, then 3 effective home remedies to remove mosquitoes can prove beneficial for you.

 • At some distance, burn a lamp of neem oil mixed with camphor at bedtime, even mosquitoes will not stray from you at all.

 • First of all, mix camphor in neem oil and fill it in a spray bottle. Now spray this mixture on the bay leaves and burn the bay leaves. All the mosquitoes will run away from your house immediately from this smoke.

 • Mix coconut oil, neem oil, clove oil, peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil in equal amounts and fill them in a bottle. Apply it on the skin at night and sleep comfortably.