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Cold drinks that can boost your Immunity during corona epidemic

Cold drinks that can boost your Immunity during corona epidemic

Cold drinks that can boost your Immunity during corona epidemic

In order to prevent corona virus infection, it has been revealed that only those people who have strong immunity are able to fight this infection and their chances of recovery are increased. Apart from this, this infected disease attacks the lungs, so strengthening of the lungs is very important. No vaccine has yet been exposed to the corona virus that can treat it, so we can prevent this infection only through our immune system, so know about some cold drinks, which are healthy to consume. 

Tomato Juice

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin ‘C’ folate and anti-oxidant. The intake of tomato juice strengthens the immune system. This juice protects against many types of diseases. Drinking fresh tomato juice daily is beneficial. To make its juice, boil the tomatoes, coriander leaves, onions and a little water in a pan on low heat. Then add sugar and salt. Stir the juice until it becomes slightly thick. Now filter the mixture in a vessel and drain it. After this, cool the juice lightly and keep it in the fridge.

Melon and peppermint juice-

It is very easy to make melon mint juice. Melon contains vitamin ‘A’ element, which is very good for the eyes. Peppermint is also rich in many medicinal properties. Peppermint keeps the stomach cool and the digestive system is fine. Drinking melon and mint juice also strengthens the immune system of the body. Add melon, mint leaves, sugar, salt and grind them well in the mixer. After this, add one or two glasses of water and filter it. Keep it in the fridge until it cools down. 

Carrot Ginger Juice

Plenty of Vitamin ‘A’  found in carrots. Copper and manganese are also found in ginger along with many vitamins. In this way, the mixture of both carrots and ginger removes many types of nutritional deficiencies in the body. It also strengthens the immune system and this juice also helps in curing many diseases. Grind half a kilogram of carrots and 2 inch piece of ginger in the mixer. Add salt according to taste. You can also add a little black salt to increase taste. 

Cold drinks that can boost your Immunity during corona epidemic

Orange juice

Oranges are rich in vitamin ‘C’. In addition, it also has antioxidant properties, so drinking orange juice strengthens immunity. It is very easy to make orange juice. Peel 2 oranges and put them in the mixer, now add sugar as per taste. Then grind it well. After this, add 2 glasses of water, grind it again and filter it well and take it out in a vessel. Then keep it in the fridge to cool down. Keep in mind that before grinding in the mixer, take out the orange seeds, otherwise there may be some bitterness in the juice.