Thursday, April 11, 2024
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Only 2 Banana per day can boost your health

Only 2 Banana per day can boost your health

Only 2 Banana per day can boost your health

It is not necessary to have a healthy diet always delicious. But there is no such thing in relation to banana. This is why bananas not only satisfy your taste buds but also benefit your health in many ways. Banana is a most nutritious fruit on this earth. It has many health benefits. Today we will tell you in this article that, if you have 2 bananas a day, then what effect do you have on your body.

Nutrients present in bananas

Bananas are rich in vitamin B6. On average, a banana contain about 20% of your vitamin B6’s daily requirement. It helps your body build insulin, hemoglobin and amino acids, which are essential for the formation of healthy cells. However, we generally think that there is the largest amount of vitamin C in oranges and strawberries, whereas in bananas, vitamin C has 15% of our daily need. Vitamin C is an important anti-oxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals. It also helps in keeping blood vessels healthy and produces collagen.

Protects from anemia

Anemia can cause fatigue and breathlessness. This is the result of red blood cells and low levels of hemoglobin in the blood. Banana contains a lot of iron, which stimulates the production of red blood cells. Banana also contains vitamin B6, which regulates blood sugar levels, helps people suffering from anemia.

Also maintain weight 

Banana contains more quantity of fiber, which keeps you contented for a long time. Banana also has a type of starch that reduces your appetite, which prevents your weight from growing. This reduces blood sugar levels in your blood and increases the sensitivity to your body’s insulin.

Improve digestive system

Bananas are easily digested and do not bother the gastro-intestinal tract. Resistant starch present in banana is not digested and ends in the large intestine, where it acts as an effective nutrition medium for healthy bacteria. Bananas can be eaten when a person has gastritis and heartburn problems.

Removes stress

Bananas improve your mood, it contains tryptophan, which is essential for our body to obtain serotonin. On average, each banana contains about 27 milligrams of magnesium. These mineral help in a good mood and good sleep.

Controls blood pressure

Daily 2 banana food keeps your blood pressure in control. We are saying this because banana contains about 420 mg of potassium, which is beneficial in blood pressure.

Enhances energy

Potassium present in banana protects your muscles from cramps, while carbohydrates give you enough energy to bear a heavy workout.