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Best treatment ways of Depression



Best treatment ways of Depression

Best treatment ways of Depression


When the life of a person going through a state of despair. Life had taken a frustrating turn. Everything that used to be excited earlier today seemed redundant. There was no place of happiness in his life. Darkness becomes the partner of a person because he is away from all the relations and relatives. There was nothing like a new day and often the thoughts of ending life were coming in his mind. Just because of the love of something, he could not do it.

In the days of desperation, there are very few supporters which help in this situation. Below are some of the most reliable and tested methods that can become your companion and also a healer in a painful time.

# 1 You just have to sit and relax

We begin to feel that despair pulls the energy of doing anything from us. This lack of energy produces difficulties in taking the first step to being healthy. Why not, we start the process of getting healthy from complete rest. The best relaxation technique is – meditation. Meditation not only provides us rests but also re-energizes us. With this increased energy you can also try other techniques.

Meditation removes deeply traumatic experiences caused by depression and makes you healthy. By removing the stress from obstructions generated in the free flow of energy centers, meditation reinforces you with full joy, enthusiasm, and love. 

A spiritual guru, says: “Meditation helps calm your mind and makes you happy from inside. Meditation and pranayama help in eliminating many diseases, research done in sufficient quantity shows that meditation helps in many diseases and situations. Like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, the problem of sleep, the problem of the nervous system and many other l I will say that meditation is the diet of soul. “

# 2 Your breath is the secret of your happiness

In your breath, many mysterious secrets are hidden. Sudarshan Kriya is a special and powerful rhythmic breathing process that opens these secrets for our benefit.

Sudarshan Kriya not only maintains a natural balance of our body, without medicines, but also remove 90% of the poison in the body, reduces cortisol (hormone of stress), worries anxiety, and sleeps become normal. It opens up a fountain of energy by increasing prolactin (the hormone of the health of the body) in the body.

This recent research has concluded that the treatment of despair by Sudarshan Kriya is a meaningful way. Regardless of the disappointment of Sudarshan Kriya, there is an independent effect besides medicines. The effect of removing frustration appears in 3 weeks. 

Sudarshan Kriya can be learned from a trained teacher. You can also learn that you just have to give only a few hours of your life.

 #3 Hari Om Meditation to overcome frustration

Although all kinds of meditations help to overcome disappointment, Hari Om Meditation has shown particularly good results. This meditation is based on meditation on the seven energy centers (chakras) of our body. Disappointment energy is drawn down to the lowest level, whereas in Hariom meditation, we move from low-level energy to the highest energy center through meditation. The center of every energy (chakra) is associated with a particular feeling. And by taking our awareness in every cycle, by removing the deep tension of the past and feeling a lighter feeling in the self, we give purification to those feelings.

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