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30-minute stretching exercise is effective for high blood pressure patients

30-minute stretching exercise is more effective than a walk for high blood pressure patients

30-minute stretching exercise is more effective than a walk for high blood pressure patients

If you are troubled by high blood pressure, do a 30-minute stretching exercise. It is more effective than a walk. This claim has been made by a Canadian university. Scientists say, through research, it has been tried to know how much effect stretching and walk have on high blood pressure.

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This is how the research took place

According to scientists, during the research, two groups of 40 patients suffering from high blood pressure were formed. One group was asked to walk and the other to do stretching exercises. The research revealed that stretching exercises were more effective than walking in controlling blood pressure.

It relieves stiffness of exercise muscles

According to published research in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, when a person exercises stretching, there is an effect from muscles to arteries. It removes muscle stiffness. Blood flow is better in these.

Stretching is also better for reducing fat

Research has claimed that a walk is a better option if you want to reduce fat. During the research, it was revealed that people who lost their weight more than stretching. Scientists say to relax, sit on the ground instead of the couch, and can do stretching exercises even while watching TV.

How to understand the fear of blood pressure

Not a blood pressure disease, it is a symptom of a negative change in the body. There are two formulas to control it. First, eat 50 percent fruits and raw vegetables in your daily diet. Second, stay away from salt and oil.

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It can be understood that as soon as a patient sees a doctor, his BP increases. As he comes out of the hospital, BP returns to normal. In medical language, it is called ‘White Coat Syndrome’. This syndrome has been seen in 80 percent of patients taking the drug. Such patients do not need this much medicine. In this way, BP only increases suddenly for some time.

For example, if the heartbeat increases when a snake is suddenly seen, BP will also increase. In such a situation, the mind sends us alerts to fight and escape from the situation. So, not a blood pressure disease, it is like a medium to prepare us in an emergency.