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Know Where is the Best Place to Run?

Know Where is the Best Place to Run

Know Where is the Best Place to Run

Find the flattest routes you can, to begin with, and avoid hills and rough ground as much as possible. Traffic-free parks, cricket pitches, cycle network routes and canal paths are all superb places to start.

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You can also run on a treadmill in the gym and this is often as good a place as any. If you choose to run outside, be aware of your safety, especially when running alone, or at night. It’s important to wear a reflective bib, carry a personal alarm and mobile, and always tell someone where you’re going and roughly what time you plan to arrive back home.


Static stretching before a run is now universally not recommended.
It could do more harm than good, as stretching cold muscles can cause injury. Instead, go through a series of mobility movements, shoulder shrugs, hip rolls, ankle rolls, knee lifts and so on, for about two to three minutes. Spend four to five minutes walking briskly, then break into a jog and build up to your pace.

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If you have any tight spots, you can stop to stretch them if you wish. Always finish your run with five minutes of walking to cool down. Whether static stretching after a run is beneficial is the subject of furious debate, but many runners still find it helpful. If you do, hold the stretch for eight to 10 seconds, gently release and repeat three times. Focus on quads, calves and hamstrings.

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