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These important TIPS in mind before a workout takes you to NEXT LEVEL


Being fit does not mean that you can exercise at any time. Plan the exercise according to your body clock and take the help of experts in it. If you work at night shift, then obviously there will be a difference in the time from eating and drinking to sleeping and getting up. It is very important to understand this or else instead of getting fit, you may get sick and then have to take a break from workouts for a long time. So to avoid such a situation, it is very important to take care of some things.

  • Proper rest is also needed after exercise. For this 7-8 hours of sleep is very important. Only then your workout will be able to give good results to your body.
  • If you are a beginner, then keep in mind that it is natural to feel tired and body aches due to exercise in the beginning. The body may feel stretchy for about 3 days to a week, but it gets better soon. If there is body pain or fever, then it is better that you take a rest that day. If there is any kind of stress, then do not exercise even at that time because it harms your body, so whenever you workout, it is important to be happy in the mind. While doing yoga or exercise, do not let any such thought come into your mind, due to which your mind becomes tense.

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  • Do it for 30-45 minutes five days a week. Make a habit of drinking protein or carb shakes before and after exercising. By doing this, the level of amino acids in the body improves.
  • Do not follow the same workout plan for a long time as it will get bored and your body will adjust the stress level of that exercise accordingly.
  • Exercise daily as much as your physical ability. Exercising more than your physical capacity is not good for your health, it can also make you sick.
  • During exercise, the body is more dehydrated, so do not let the body become dehydrated. For this, keep drinking a sip of water before, during and after the workout.

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  • According to fitness experts, during this period, do not exercise excessively fast or with jerks, so apply as much energy as is required.
  • Wear gym wear only during exercise, they are suitable for the body and you can exercise without stopping. You must have seen some people who do not feel comfortable in their clothes, so wearing comfortable shoes is also very important.