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Air pollution adversely affect the mental health of children

Air pollution adversely affect the mental health of children

Air pollution adversely affect the mental health of children

A new study has been done on the ill effects of air pollution on the health of children. It has been found that air pollution can make a serious effect on the mental health of children. According to the study, an environment with high air pollution is associated with mental problems in children. Children exposed to high levels of air pollution have a 50% higher risk of developing a tendency to harm themselves later in life.

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A study was done on more than 1.4 million children

Researchers from Manchester University in England and Aarhus University in Denmark conducted this study. According to the researchers, about 1.4 million children under the age of ten were tested in Denmark. It has been found that those living in environments with high levels of nitrogen dioxide can harm themselves as adults. The risk of mental problems was found to be 48 percent higher due to prolonged exposure to an environment with particulate matter (PM) 2.5 present in the polluted air.

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The researcher does not still find the exact reason behind it

Nitrogen dioxide emissions are mainly from cars. While the burning of diesel and petrol emits PM 2.5. These pollutants are considered to be major factors of heart and lung diseases. The researchers did not specify the mechanism by which these pollutants cause mental problems. He only pointed out that these pollutants can cause inflammation in the brain, which can lead to mental problems.

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