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If you are working parents, and your’s Children show these symptoms then be serious

If you are working parents, and your's Child show these symptoms then be serious

If you are working parents, and your's Child show these symptoms then be serious

Are you working, your wife is also working, you obey the child, give what the kids want, like favourite food, toys, expensive mobile, game system, don’t you give time to the kids… if If you are also one of these parents, then be alert, because due to these habits, your child may later suffer from severe psychological depression. In today’s era, parents give their children everything that can be bought in the world except time and love. For these reasons, the disease of psychotic depression is being seen in children these days. Please understand the symptoms of the disease so that you can overcome their problem.

Urban children have more symptoms than rural children.

Psychiatrists say that the children of the city are suffering from this disease more than in the village. The reason is clear, the children of the city are alone in spite of being in the crowd. At the same time, rural children are not alone even among the small population. This problem is being seen a lot in the Corona period. Because before the Corona era, urban children also used to go to school, play with friends, take tuitions together, due to which they lived in society. But these days children are neither able to go out anywhere nor roam anywhere. In such a situation, urban children are suffering more from this disease. Apart from this, the parents also do not give time to the children. This problem is seen more in those children, in which both mother and father are working. Because of this, they are not able to give time to the children. Children spend most of their time at home, due to which different types of thoughts start coming into their minds. If this thought is negative then they may have this problem later on. While the children of rural areas keep playing with friends, being a joint family they are always under the supervision of the elders of the house. Because of this, they do not have this type of problem.

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Know what is psychotic depression

Psychotic depression is a psychiatric illness. If this disease is not treated on time then it can become very serious. Children’s future may be ruined. Psychiatrists tell that when there is a disease, negative thoughts start coming into the mind of children. He starts thinking that nothing will happen to him, he is not successful in his life. Remembering all these negative thoughts, he keeps choking inside. If such symptoms are seen in children, then they should seek medical advice. in order to eradicate the disease. In this, those people who have spent the most time with the children along with the parents need to be very cautious. So that expert help can be taken as soon as the symptoms of the disease appear.

Depression in Children

Know the main causes of psychotic depression
is that the cause of this disease is somewhere in today’s lifestyle. We all should understand this thing, children also struggle with many types of pressure. Like studying while doing homework on time. This is also a big job. Apart from this, due to not being able to play, they start thinking negatively, which is wrong. If children play, it not only makes them happy but the body gets tired and they get good sleep. Because of this, they are not able to think negatively because they do not have any wasted time. Apart from this, many parents are too busy. He leaves the house and tells the children to take care of the house. Being alone because of this makes them more upset. If parents stay with them and love them, then children will share their minds with them so that they will not have any problems.

If you are working parents, and your's Child show these symptoms then be serious

Know what kind of symptoms are seen in children due to illness

  • Children suffering from the disease become jealous of their own friends
  • Always have negative thoughts, don’t be happy
  • stop playing
  • Children will not talk to anyone, neither parents, nor neighbours, nor friends
  • Children will find their own place at home to be alone
  • Will, not respect elders, will not even talk properly
  • There is a change in the behaviour of children, when they are happy, they will not react the way they used to.
  • Will fight with others including siblings or parents over small things, will shout in a loud voice without talking
  • Won’t even go to play with friends
  • will not study well
  • Children will not like to eat and drink
  • irritability in children
  • be sad for no reason
  • Don’t even share your things with anyone
  • Stress in Children

If left untreated, the disease keeps on progressing

Psychological problems are much more serious than normal illnesses. If it is ignored, it keeps on increasing. If the child is suffering from psychotic depression and its symptoms are not recognized in the initial days, then their morale is broken later. They cannot do anything with full confidence. Apart from this, whatever work they do, their performance suffers drastically. Such as other types of activities including studies to sports.

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Control disease like this

To prevent this disease, the more time spent with the children along with the parents, the have to be serious. It is the responsibility of the elders to keep an eye on the activities of the children. If you see any of the symptoms mentioned in them, then you should seek medical advice. Apart from this, to avoid this disease, try to talk to children as much as possible. Even if your child says something to you, do not ignore his words. Do not put pressure on children to do any work along with studies. Give children the freedom to do whatever they want with sports. Teach children about right and wrong.


Take proper medical advice

Any disease related to mental illness is quite fatal. Therefore it is necessary that it should be treated. If this disease is ignored, then this disease can progress like other diseases. Therefore, as soon as the symptoms of the disease appear, a psychiatrist should be consulted. In today’s time, children need your support instead of expensive gifts and need your love, which they deserve.

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