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If you get anger again and again then this post is surely for you

If you get anger again and again then this post is surely for you

If you get anger again and again then this post is surely for you

Anger is a naturally occurring reaction to something you dislike. According to health experts, the causes of anger and feelings of anger in people can be different. Health experts say anger is not just a physical display of emotion or power, it can take many forms. People can express their aggression in different ways. The American Psychological Association considers a feeling of anger to be good for mental peace. It gives you a way to express negative emotions, say health experts. But if you have frequent or excessive anger, which goes beyond your control, then it is considered harmful.

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Psychiatrists say that increased blood pressure due to anger and other physical changes associated with it can harm physical and mental health in many ways, including affecting the ability to think. But after all, why do people get angry too much or frequently? What are the changes in the brain that make people angry, let us try to know in detail about this?

Why do you get angry again and again?

Psychiatrists say that anger can come against anyone, anything. The reason for this may be different for everyone. Family problems, financial woes, work-related stress or ongoing relationship difficulties can also trigger anger in some people. Whereas in some people, due to all kinds of mental disorders, feelings of anger can often come. If you are feeling angry again and again, then it is necessary to consult a psychiatrist about this.

Reasons of anger

Many health-related problems can also cause uncontrolled and recurrent anger, explains psychiatrists. Often depression, that is, the problem of frustration and anger can be seen in the smallest situation in people suffering from depression. Epilepsy problems can also promote anger in some cases. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a type of anxiety disorder that affects a person’s behaviour. Obsessive thoughts can also cause people to become very angry. Keep in mind, timely diagnosis and treatment of all these mental health conditions are considered essential.

What do experts say?

Psychologists and anger management experts say, just as body composition differs from person to person, feelings of anger can also have different causes, frequency and aggression in people. Some people do not show the emotion of anger in a very aggressive way while in some people it is easily detected. If you also get angry more than usual or more frequently, then definitely consult a psychiatrist to diagnose the real problem behind it. When the causes are detected in time, it becomes easier to correct the situation.

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What are the ways to control anger?

According to a psychiatrist, the easiest way to calm anger is to take long and deep breaths. Whenever you get angry, take a long breath, this gives oxygen to the brain, which can reduce the problem of anger. Physical activity or exercise helps reduce stress, which is believed to be the main cause of anger. If you feel that anger is increasing, then start walking fast, by doing this the attention goes to other things and this can also reduce the anger. Yoga and meditation are considered permanent solutions to reduce anger. However, if you get angry very often and frequently, then definitely consult a psychiatrist about this.

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