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Know factors responsible for failure of the liver and how to overcome them

know factors responsible for failure of the liver and how to overcome them

know factors responsible for failure of the liver and how to overcome them

The liver is one of the most important organs of our body. Taking special care of the liver is very important for a healthy body. There are many reasons like changing, spoiled lifestyle, excessive consumption of junk food, low fibre and high-calorie diet, due to which there is a bad effect on the liver and people have started falling prey to diseases like fatty liver untimely.

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Main functions of the liver in the body

  • Controlling blood sugar
  • Removal of toxins from the body
  • making bile
  • cholesterol synthesis
  • Store Critical Vitamins
  • Hormone and enzyme production

Symptoms of liver disease

  • Yellowing of the skin and eyes
  • rapid weight loss
  • diarrhoea
  • Darkening of urine colour

Why is the problem increasing?

This problem occurs due to the habit of eating too much junk and unhealthy food.

It has been named non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Overeating can also be a major cause of fatty liver.

How to protect yourself

know factors responsible for failure of the liver and how to overcome them

People suffering from the non-alcoholic fatty liver are advised to undergo liposuction surgery after biopsy. This is the only treatment that is costly. At the same time, experts advise losing at least 10 kg and doing healthy food and exercise daily.

It is okay to detect liver-related problems in time because, with time, the risk of heart attack also increases.

How dangerous is fatty liver?

This disease is not detected in routine health checkups. At the same time, there are no special symptoms in the beginning, due to which it becomes very difficult to early detection. However, after a few years, the right side of the abdomen starts to swell. It is so dangerous that there is also a risk of death with liver cirrhosis.

The liver can remain healthy only if you take a healthy diet and follow a healthy lifestyle. So let’s know today about some such healthy drinks which help in keeping the liver healthy.

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Amla juice

Amla juice is considered very beneficial for the liver. It reduces metabolic syndrome in your body. Amla is rich in Vitamin C, due to which boosts your immunity. Amla is considered very useful for fatty liver and weak digestive system. The antioxidant properties of amla help in keeping the liver healthy.

Mint tea

After dinner, you should eat something that calms your body and aids in digestion. So what could be better than a hot cup of mint tea? Many properties like menthol are found in mint leaves. Mint helps to keep your liver healthy. All you have to do is put some water and fresh mint leaves in a kettle and let it boil for a while. You can consume it after it is boiled properly.

Green tea

Green tea along with exercise can help promote liver health. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which remove free radicals. Green tea is considered very beneficial for health anyway. With its help, you can also reduce your weight.

Turmeric tea

Turmeric is rich in antioxidants, which support the detox process by increasing the production of enzymes. Enzymes also help boost the body’s blood circulation, which promotes good liver health. To make turmeric tea, put a small spoonful of turmeric in boiling water, then let it boil. Add lemon juice and a pinch of black pepper as per taste.

Beet juice

Beet juice is very beneficial for health. Beetroot contains many nutrients and antioxidants, which protect your liver.

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