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Only 10 min playing with pets can decrease your stress

only 10 min playing with pets can decrease your stress

only 10 min playing with pets can decrease your stress

Spending time with pets is not only good for college students, but also less stress levels. In one study this claim has been made. Often students are stressed during studies and exams. Researchers from Washington State University studied on this issue.

Many Universities have started ‘Pets Your Stress Away’ program, where the students could play with dogs and cats. Patricia Pendry, associate professor at Washington State University, told that she found that only 10 minutes of staying with these pets can make a difference in health. In the study, students who spent time with dogs and cats found a decrease in the cortisol hormone. This is an important hormone causing stress.

College students get good mood with Pets

In this study, 249 college students were included, which were divided into four groups. The first time students of the group were given to spend 10 minutes with the dogs and cats, while the other group’s students asked to watch the group playing with the Pets.
At the same time, the third group showed slide shows of the photos of those pets, and asked them to wait for the fourth only. After this, all the samples of saliva (saliva) samples were taken from all the students, in which it was found that the students who spent time with animals, that is, the level of cortisol in group group of the first group was very low. Pendry said that due to the lack of stress hormone of the students, their mental health benefits.