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Boiling basil leaves in milk removes these 5 diseases

Boiling basil leaves in milk removes these 5 diseases

Boiling basil leaves in milk removes these 5 diseases

Basil leaves are rich in medicinal properties. People often use basil in tea to avoid colds. But do you know, not only cold but also boiling basil in milk, drinking it can easily get rid of these 5 major diseases.

Asthma disease-

If you are troubled by any disease like respiratory problems, asthma, then boil basil leaves with milk and drink it. Doing so will benefit asthmatic patients.

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Boiling basil in milk and drinking it provides relief from problems such as headaches or migraines. We can eliminate this problem from the root by regularly consuming Tulsi milk.


If you are often surrounded by stress or depression because of office tension or workload, then boil basil leaves in milk. Drinking it relieves mental stress and worries.


If a person has a stones problem, then he should regularly drink basil milk on an empty stomach. By doing this, it removes the problem and pain of kidney stones.


The presence of antioxidant properties in basil helps in increasing the immunity of the body. Apart from this, basil leaves also have antibacterial and antiviral properties, which keep a person away from cold, cough, and cold.

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How to consume basil milk-

To make Tulsi milk, first put 8 to 10 basil leaves in a glass of milk and let it boil. Turn off the gas when the milk remains a glass. Drink it when the milk is slightly lukewarm. Regular intake of this milk can overcome these diseases.