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6 steps to go deep into meditation

6 steps to go deep into meditation

6 steps to go deep into meditation

6 steps to go deep into meditation:

  • Bring a smile on another face. 
  • Experience the sound of Silence
  • Satisfy your body with Yoga posture. Pamper Your Body With Some Yoga Twists
  • Keep an eye on your food. Keep A Food Over Your Food
  • Hummel yourself. Sing To Yourself
  • Keep your daily meditation time fixed. Book Your Daily Meditation Time

A smile on another face

How do you feel when you help someone? Happy, satisfied? Do you feel the explosion of positive energy, as if there is some spread (expanded) within you? Do you know why this is happening? This happens because when you serve and smile on someone’s face, then you also have good tears and blessings.

Feel the Sound of Silence

Imagine that you are standing on the terrace in the morning, and looking at the beauty of the rising sun, the enchanted, looking towards the vast sky full of redness. Are you experiencing a sense of deep peace and unity with this beauty? Beauty which takes you beyond words? Your mind becomes so calm and stable. Have you ever wondered why? This is silence in which fewer thoughts come and your mind becomes stable.

Most of the time when we keep talking in vain. Then our mind also keeps on talking. Our senses are busy collecting information and showering thoughts and emotions over us.

Silence moves along with meditation. When you are in silence, the speed of your mind decreases and you easily go into meditation. 

Satisfy your body with Yoga posture

Have you felt that many days you feel very uneasy at meditation and cannot go deep into it? Working for a long time causes stiffness and pain in the body and you feel restless due to the same closeness. By doing some yoga, this clutter of the body goes away and restlessness disappears. With this, your mind becomes stable and you experience deep meditation.

Keep an eye on your food

Think of those days when you have meditated after eating fried and meat-eating meals and think of those days when you meditate after eating light and nutritious meal. Did you feel any difference between your two thoughts? This is because the direct impact of our food affects our mind.

Humming yourself

Have you noticed how different kinds of music awakens different emotions in our mind? We are made up of 90% or more of the Universal element, so the sound puts a deep impact on us. Emotions are sacred by singing in Satsang and you experience an expansion. Our “small mind” which keeps on talking continuously becomes calm, and when you meditate, you have a deep experience.

Keep your daily meditation time fixed

Having discipline and respecting practice takes deep meditation. Therefore, set the time for your daily meditation and look at the magic, how do you go into the depths of meditation.