Monday, June 10, 2024

Yoga and Meditation make your body strong and mind intensified

Yoga and Meditation make your body strong and mind intensified

“Our body is a priceless gift, so always respect your body.”

Keep your body pure because it is a moving temple. The English word “nerve” (nerve) is derived from the Sanskrit word “male”. In the nerves of man, the Supreme Lord Narayana resides. That is why it is very important that we keep our body holy. By repeatedly repeating the word “OM” the body becomes pure and holy.

When we concentrate our entire existence in the mind, then it gets meditated. Through our breath, we can bring the same effect on the physical level.

The body also has its own language, which is called Body Language in English. From this language, it becomes known that what going within you. If one walks constantly with a bumpy and shouldered shoulder, then his body language shows that there is a lot of ego and arrogance in that person. They move their neck in some special way and are not comfortable with others. Therefore, as hard as you are from within, your body and mind will be as rude as well. To loosen your mind and ego, and to expand yourself, you need to do asana and meditation because you are not the only mind; You are not even the only body. In yoga, the body, breath, and mind are all fully connected.

Pranayama and meditation. This will make your body strong and mind intensified. Then whatever you wish will be done and you pray for it, then your wishes will be fulfilled. In meditation, you will experience that you are not only the body but also more than that.