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Make these 10 promises to yourself to stay fit


Year 2018 has been goodbye and the new year, year 2019 has started. Most people who work as soon as the new year commences, take a new year resolution, that is, take the pledge to do something new and good in the new year. In the past year, whatever your negligence about your health, leaving behind it and doing it yourself to stay fit and healthy in this new year,so make these 10 promises to yourself to stay fit …

Do not eat processed food

If you want to live healthy life then it is most important that you stop using processed food immediately. Take fresh fruit and vegetables instead of frozen food. By eating healthy foods your body will get essential nutrients such as protein and vitamins.

Stay Away from gadgets

Most people are so skeptical of their smartphones and other gadgets that it seems impossible to live without them. Different people spend hours on their mobile and laptops for different reasons. But in this new year if you want to be healthy, promise yourself that you will use these gadgets as much as it is necessary and you will be able to get rid of them.

Take proper sleep

These days, most people have the biggest problem: do not sleep or at least sleep. It is very important to take 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day and if you are not able to do it then it is obvious that you will always feel tired and will be surrounded by many diseases in the future. So promise yourself in this new year that you will get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day to live a healthy life and to stay healthy forever.

Proper Health Checkup

It is extremely important to do your full health check-up at least once in a year and this is a topic that most people ignore. Doctors also advise that, even if it is not only sick but also healthy, we should have an overall health check once in a year to know if your body is completely healthy from inside or not There is no serious illness.

Be physically active

Many people work desk jobs these days and keep sitting in their seats for 8 to 9 hours due to which there can be many problems in the body. Therefore it is very important to keep the body physically active. Exercise regularly because it not only fits your body but also reduces the risk of many serious diseases. Exercise at least 30 minutes every day. If you want, you can achieve a better result even through small changes.For example – instead of lift, use stairs instead of walking, car or bike to get fruit-vegetables, play with children as a child in the park, chatting with friends, chatting with friends etc.

Stay away from cigarettes and tobacco

This new year promises not only for your health but also for your family health, that you will completely stop cigarettes and tobacco consumption. Cigarette smoke proves to be very dangerous for not only you but also for people around you. In such a situation, you occasionally drink cigarettes or be a chain smoker, changing habit of smoking is very important.

Stay away from alcohol

Try this new year to minimize the amount of alcohol as far as possible. Everyone is aware of the effects of alcohol and many diseases caused due to it . If you can not stop the alcohol consumption immediately and completely, then try to gradually reduce its amount. If there is any kind of problem then consult specialist.

Stay Away from Stress

The root cause of all illnesses and the major causes of life’s problems are the in auspiciousness of life. Yes, sometimes it becomes difficult to make balance between personal and professional life. Many times, due to others, we start to feel unnecessarily stress but it happens with everyone. Learn how to manage your stress level in this way. Keep a positive attitude towards life and learn how to accept things as they are.

 Stay Away from self-medication

If There was little headache did not eat medicine, if the stomach had a little pain, it took medicine, and in this way all of us are becoming obsessed with medicines. You can not even imagine how dangerous it can be for health to do self-medication without asking a doctor. Therefore, to stay away from the diseases, eliminate the dependence on more medicines than it is today.

Keep an eye on blood pressure

Blood pressure is the root of many diseases. In this way, keep regular eye contact on your blood pressure. If your blood pressure increases, contact the doctor immediately because increasing blood pressure can cause many other health related problems in the future.

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