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Covid-19: How to protect children from the threat of viruses

Covid-19 How to protect children from the threat of viruses

Covid-19 How to protect children from the threat of viruses

The increasing threat of corona has raised people’s concern. The most worried are those who have children at home, although there have been very few cases of corona virus infection in children. Nevertheless, the World Health Organization and UNICEF have advised to take special care of children to prevent infection. The Center for Disease and Prevention (CDP) has issued guidelines related to this. Let us know how to protect our children from this deadly danger?

Change Habit 

Do not let your children go around any infected person. Keep them away from people suffering from cough, cold and fever.

How to be clean

Keep your house clean and if it is time, keep the entire premises clean with disinfectant in the morning and evening. Also clean their toys with disinfectants. Keep the nails clean as the viruses hidden in them can harm the baby.
Teach children to wash hands continuously with soap and water.

Get great food

Give plenty of water to children. Keep feeding them well so that their immunity remains. Do not give anything that can upset their throat.

Do not be scared:

Hearing all kinds of news, children will have many questions in their mind, so it is important that you do not scare them but give correct information. You have to take care of your child. He has to tell that the corona virus is a virus, as it attacks you due to cough or cold or diarrhea and vomiting.

Avoid being irritable

Holidays bring fun for the children. Schools are closed due to Corona and all children are at home. He often insists on going outside, if you refuse he will become irritable. In such a situation, they will have to support. Keep them busy with things like indoor games, dancing and singing.