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Eating curd also increases immunity, keeps stomach healthy


With the change in weather, we should take special care of our health to avoid cold or flu. This is the right time when you pay attention to your immune system and lifestyle habits. To ensure a strong immune system, we must focus on our diet. We should include such foods in our diet that help in increasing the immunity level. One such food item which can play an important role in improving your immunity with the change in weather. In addition, they give your body the power to fight bacterial and viral infections.

WHO told how to stay active and healthy at home during Coronavirus

According to the ‘Healing Foods’ book, “There are about 400 different species of bacteria in the human intestines, some good and some bad. Many types of good bacteria are found in yogurt. Good bacteria help convert organic acids into glucose. , Lower cholesterol, help metabolize nutrients, break down enzymes, proteins and fiber in food, and Protects help boost the system. “

Fresh curd is beneficial for children and the elderly

Probiotics in yogurt have a general immune-boosting effect and inhibit pathogenic bacteria and yeast in the intestines. Probiotics are also known to show the ability to prevent allergies like eczema, especially in children. In the elderly or people with weakened immunity, homemade fresh yogurt can help prevent bacterial and viral infections.

One should always use fresh curd more and more, as it contains good bacteria and probiotics. Avoid yogurt with artificial color, flavor, consistency and sweetness.

Yogurt is a Superfood

Nutritionally, yogurt is a superfood that not only cools your stomach, but provides protein, calcium and many such important elements to your entire body. It aids in probiotic and gut activity. Because it is too light for the stomach, it is often advised to eat people with digestive problems. You may not know this, but it actually boosts your immunity by eating it in winter or during changes in the weather. It contains Lactobacillus, a healthy bacteria that fights fungal-related infections.

Ayurveda recommends to eat yogurt frequently, you should always consume yogurt in the afternoon, you can also take curd in breakfast in the morning. At night and asthma patients should avoid eating curd.

Yogurt preparation method

Curd can always be beneficial in an earthen pot. After boiling milk in the night, place it in a pot. Put some fine curd in hot milk. Leave it for overnight and enjoy fresh curd in the morning. Try to eat yogurt without sugar or salt.

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