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Know about TSH test if you have thyroid

Know about TSH test if you have thyroid

Know about TSH test if you have thyroid

Thyroid has become a common disease. Earlier this problem was more prevalent among older people, and especially women, but due to unhealthy eating and disorganized lifestyle, a large number of young people and children are also becoming vulnerable to it. According to the report published in 2017 by diagnostic chain SRL, ’32 per cent of Indians are suffering from various types of diseases related to thyroid’. Now cases of thyroid cancer are beginning to appear. A University of Texas study in Austin showed that ‘thyroid cancer causes millions of patients to have their thyroid gland or part of it removed every year.’ According to the US non-governmental organization AARP, “Thyroid is one of the nine diseases in the world that doctors mistake to identify.” Therefore, it is important to know which thyroid can be accurately detected by conducting which test. The answer is TSH i.e. thyroid stimulating hormone test. Know about it –

Thyroid stimulating hormone test

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Test is performed on the thyroid gland. This is used to determine whether the thyroid gland is functioning properly. Is it overactive or underactive? Both these situations are harmful. The most important thing is that with this test, the disease can be detected before any symptoms of thyroid can be seen in the body.

What is thyroid?

Know about TSH test if you have thyroid

The gland in the human body is an organ that secretes (excretes) the chemical substances necessary for the growth of the body. The thyroid gland extracts various hormones including T4 which are jointly called thyroid hormones. These hormones work throughout the body and affect body development, body temperature and metabolism (metabolism). These hormones also have a role in developing the brain of newborn babies and children. If there is any problem with the formation and use of thyroid hormones, then TSH test is necessary.

How is the TSH test done?

This test is done through a blood test. The blood sample is taken in a normal way and then tested in a lab. What is the amount of TSH found in the blood? This test can be done at any general lab.

When should a thyroid stimulating hormone test be performed

It is advised that people above 40 years of age should get this test done once a year. It is also worth noting that most people in our country do not know that they have thyroid disease because its symptoms are very common.

Who should get thyroid test done

People who feel that their weight has increased excessively, they should keep getting thyroid tests done from time to time. If someone is tired without any reason, feels weakness, laziness, swelling in the arms and legs, hunger is high, then thyroid can also occur. This condition can occur in people of any age group. Nowadays, children are also being suffering from it. This disease is most common in women.

TSH Test Results Means

Its normal level in adults is 0.4 to 5 ml international units per liter (mIU / L). If TSH levels in the blood are high then underactive thyroid may occur. TSH may be increased during pregnancy. If the patient is taking steroids, dopamine, or opioid pain relievers (such as morphine), the test may reveal lower than normal levels of TSH. Low levels of TSH indicate operative thyroid. If the test shows lower than normal levels of TSH, it means that iodine in the body has increased too much. The patient is consuming excess of thyroid hormone drugs.

Some medicians may affect TSH Test

Some medicines are such that affect the TSH test results. For example – amiodarone, lithium, potassium iodide, prednisone, dopamine. So if the patient is taking any of these medicines, then please inform the doctor before the TSH test. The test can be done after stopping these medicines for a few days on the advice of the doctor.

Treatment after TSH test

Know about TSH test if you have thyroid

In the case of underactive thyroid, doctors recommend eating one tablet of synthetic thyroid hormone daily. This balances the hormones and the patient starts feeling normal. Obese patients also lose weight. After two or three months dose, TSH test is done once again and the medicine is stopped when the results are normal.

Treatment of operative thyroid

There are several treatment options for this condition, such as radioactive iodine to lower thyroid levels or the use of anti-thyroid drugs to prevent excessive hormones. The heart rate increases when the disease is excessively increased, which is used to normalize beta blockers. If the situation worsens excessively then surgery is also done.

This is how thyroid cancer occurs

Thyroid cancer is produced in thyroid cells. Various tests are done to detect this, including ultrasound, scan, biopsy and laryngoscopy. In addition, the amount of calcium, phosphorus and calcitonin in the blood is also tested.