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Smoking is more dangerous than stress, for the heart: Research

Smoking is more dangerous than stress, for the heart Research

Smoking is more dangerous than stress, for the heart Research

Young people are becoming the patient of heart diseases at the age when they have to focus on career and family. Indiscriminate consumption of cigarettes over stress has become the enemy of his heart. It blocks the artery, which supplies oxygen and nutrients rich blood to the heart muscle. It also surprises doctors to see this situation.

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Tension and smoking juggling are weakening the heart. This has been revealed in the study of the LPS Heart Disease Institute. The study, which lasted for two years, has also revealed that women are considered an icon of tolerance and strength, but now her heart is also stronger than men.

Youth Women are in a less grip of Smoking 

The youth woman has a stronger heart than the youth man and is more able to overcome complications, so according to the study, only 4.9 or 95 girls were found to be heart patients.

Cardiology doctors have assessed 1116 heart patients who came to the institute. Many causes of heart disease of youth have been revealed, but cigarette addiction is the most responsible reason. In this, consumption of tobacco has also been taken as responsible, but smoking broke all the previous records.

78.5% of the youth have suffered from heart attacks due to cigarette smoking. The role of stress was also important in this because stress is also considered to be the cause of 29.6 percent in the study.

According to a study by cardiology doctors, the graph of young heart patients in the institute is on the boom which lasted between 20 and 30 years. The youngest young patient was 20 years old, with an artery found to be 95% blocked. 60.2 percent of youth were aged between 25-30 and 39.8 percent were 20-25. The most shocking fact was revealed that 32 youths who came to the institute i.e. 2.9 percent died in the first attack itself.

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The study of the institute has raised alarm bells on the growing heart disease among the youth. All youths will have to give up cigarettes, stress, cholesterol, laziness because of living a simple and fit life. If there is life, then it is time to move forward by considering the matter.