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These home remedies reduce the problem of heart blockage

These home remedies reduce the problem of heart blockage

These home remedies reduce the problem of heart blockage

Today our way of life has changed a lot compared to before. Earlier most people used to work by hand, but this era of mechanization made everything easy for us. Because of a lack of physical exercise, most people are suffering from many diseases today. The biggest of these diseases is heart-related diseases, such as high blood pressure, low blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and increased cholesterol. But to overcome this, we have some things that are used regularly at home. If we increase the intake, then our body can be healthy.

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Blood vessels in cardiovascular disease shrink. This obstructs blood flow and increases the risk of a heart attack. Therefore, heart disease occurs.

Before knowing the domestic recipe, you must know why there is a heart-related disease. In fact, because of irregular routines, eating too much fatty food, and not exercising regularly, the level of cholesterol in our blood arteries increases. When the cholesterol level in the body increases, it affects the transport of blood. If the arteries that carry blood to the heart shrink because of high cholesterol, then more pressure comes on the heart and eventually becomes a disease like a heart attack.

Take care of the heart by adopting home remedies

A surefire medicine can be made at home to keep the heart-healthy. For this, you will need only five things. These five things will also be easily available to you. These are garlic, ginger, lemon, apple vinegar, and honey.

How to Prepare medicines at home

Take out one cup of each of the pure juice of garlic, ginger, lemon. Be careful not to add even a single drop of water to it. In this three-cup mixture, one cup of pure apple vinegar to this mixture. Now you have four cups of the mixture ready. Boil this mixture until it evaporates back to three cups. After this, keep it to cool down. When it becomes cold and thick, add three cups of pure honey to it and fill it in a glass bottle and drink two teaspoons mixed with warm water in the morning and evening. This medicine cures diseases associated with the heart. Also reduces cholesterol. Blockages also go away.

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Everything beneficial for the heart

Garlic: Garlic contains antibacterial and anti-oxidant elements that balance blood pressure. It is said that eating raw garlic cloves daily never causes heart disease.

Ginger: Ginger contains elements of protein, iron, calcium which fulfill all the requirements in the body, ginger prevents the blood from clotting in the body. Researchers at Minnesota University have found that eating ginger lowers cholesterol levels.

Lemon: Plenty of Vitamin-C found in lemon, which helps in lowering blood pressure. Apart from this, it is also helpful in reducing cholesterol.

Honey: Honey contains vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium elements. It is considered very beneficial for our health. Cholesterol is also reduced by its intake.