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Top ten tips to get a dream body and stay there!

Top ten tips to get a dream body and stay there!

Top ten tips to get a dream body and stay there!

Once you’ve started working your way towards your dream body, there are top ten tips to get ahead of the game- and stay there!

Top ten Ideas to get Dream Body

1) To stay relevant- always be consistent not slacking off with your diet.

2) Don’t compete just once a year: You’ll end up on a dietary Yo-Yo and won’t be able to control your body fat.

3) Stay stage-ready: It might sound impossible, but so long as you keep consistent, be able to jump in front of the camera whenever required for those last-minute photoshoots.

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4) If you can’t stick to a plan for 12 weeks then it’s not for you: I always say 12 weeks form the benchmark for sustainability. Find something you can adhere to, then there are no excuses!

5) Never think someone else’s diet will work for you: It’s a matter of trial and error.

6) If You’re just starting, don’t worry about hiring a PT or diet coach:
There is so much information freely available on the internet- it’s all about trial and error.

7) Don’t be scared to experiment: When I first started out, I had to start from scratch. I tested a lot of techniques and I dug into a lot of diets. Some worked for me, others didn’t. Find what works for you.

8) Make small changes to make a big difference: If you find a chicken recipe and you’re not a chicken fan, just swap it out for something nutritionally similar to turkey. You don’t have to copy things exactly to get results- just ensure the macros are right.

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9) Always train your weak point: Don’t copy that guy with an enormous chest and neglect your legs. It’s all about body balance and symmetry.

10) Bodybuilding can’t be done overnight: I can’t stress this enough! I’ve been competing for eight years with such things as perfection. Our bodies continue to change, improve and adapt, so enjoy the journey with your body!