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Doctor give shocking news for the non-vegetarian eater

Doctor give shocking news for the non-vegetarian eater

Doctor give shocking news for the non-vegetarian eater

Be careful if you are addicted to eat non-vegetarian food. The hygrad antibiotics collistin is being ineffectual in goats, poultry and fish meat eaters. By feeding Collstein nutritious food to animals for meat production, colistine antibodies have developed into them. This has been confirmed in the investigation of the Central Drugs Technical Advisory Board. After this, the Central Government has banned the use of Collstein in animal feed.

The properties of steroids are found in Collstein. Animal grow faster after its  consumption. They are fleshy. In view of this, this drug is being used in the most nutritious diet made for animals. This drug is most commonly used at poultry centers. This medicine accelerates their development as well as protecting chickens from disease. Fisheries also use it.

Resistant properties of medicines found in humans

Collstein is classified as hygrad antibiotics. It is usually used to treat very serious diseases. Thousands of patients were identified in the last few years. This was confirmed in the investigation of the Central Government’s Technical Advisory Board of Medicine. After this, the board recommended the ban on Collstein.

Central Government impose Restriction on the use

The central government has issued a notification on July 19, prohibiting the use of Collstein and its formulations in dairy animals, poultry, aqua farming and animal feed. It was stated in the notification that this decision was made on the recommendation of the Drugs Technical Advisory Board.

Collstein is effective in Boltarian infection

Collistine is used when all other antibiotics fail in the patient. This medicine is the most effective on negative bacteria. This is the most effective drug in the last stages of pneumonia. Collistine is imported from China in the country. There is a controlled use of this drug in China. There is also restriction on the use of this drug on animals.

Increasing resistance in Collistine patients is a dangerous sign. This is the highest level of high-level antibiotic. Collistin is used when the majority of antibiotic is neutralized on the patient.