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These 11 symptoms can be signs of kidney failure!

These 11 symptoms can be signs of kidney failure!

These 11 symptoms can be signs of kidney failure!

Two bean-shaped organs present in the renal system of our body are called kidneys. They have many important functions in a human body. Their job is to filter the blood before sending it back to the heart to excrete residual products and excess fluids in the form of urine so that it can be controlled by the body’s salt, potassium and acid content.

Kidneys that clean the blood are usually the victims of our negligence. You should know about your kidney and take a pledge to keep it healthy. Our kidneys are in the middle of the body near the waist. This limb is equal to a fist. There are two kidneys in our body. Even if a kidney is completely damaged, the body keeps going.

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20 percent of the blood pumped by the heart goes to the kidney, where this blood gets cleaned and goes back into the body. In this way, the kidneys cleanse our blood and exclude all toxins from the body through urine. Poor lifestyle and sometimes medicines have a bad effect on the kidney. The worst thing about kidney disease is that it is not detected during the first stage.

 Learn the 14 symptoms that indicate your kidney failure.

1. Changes in the amount and timing of urine: In the first stage of kidney disease, the quantity and timing of urine changes or if you start getting less urine, it can be directly related to the performance of your kidney.

2. If your body weight suddenly increases, the body starts swelling then you should be careful, it can be a sign of kidney failure.

3. If you have low hemoglobin in your body, due to which you have become a victim of anemia. Then it can be related to your kidney failure.

4. Urine color change: Urine color becomes thick or color changes.

5. Feeling of frequent urin. When you start feeling urene again and again, not having it indicates a bad kidney.

6. Feeling pain while urinating. When you experience pain and pressure while urinating, then it should be understood that there is an infection in the urinary tract.

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7. Burning sensation while urinating. Sometimes a fever or a burning sensation in the urinary tract occurs in such condition. Sometimes back pain is also involved in other symptoms.

8. If the kidney is not functioning properly, then the person may get cold even in the summer season. The body can always be cold, sleep can be high and thirst too.

9. Excess water and salt cannot be removed from the body due to kidney failure. Due to which swelling occurs in the feet, ankle, hands and face. This condition is called Oedema.

10. Tiredness and weakness. Kidney produces a protein called Erythropoietin, which helps to bring oxygen to red blood cells.

11. Skin rashes and itching. Although these are symptoms of many diseases, but due to the formation of toxins in the body due to kidney failure, it starts rashes and itching on the skin of the body.