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Do You too feel hungry again and again so these measures can give relief you

Do You too feel hungry again and again so these measures can give relief you

Do You too feel hungry again and again so these measures can give relief you

Often you may have noticed that there is more interest in eating at home or in a friend’s house. Shortly after eating the food, hunger again. You become disturbed many times by your frequent hunger. This problem is justified, because more appetite can be the cause of any disease. 

If you do not take food containing protein and fiber in your diet, you may feel hungry again and again. By eating protein and fiber-rich foods, the stomach lasts for a long time, but if there is a shortage of both of these things in your body, then you will feel hungry all the time. Therefore it is important that you include these two in your breakfast. Many people do not have to do breakfast in the morning. If you do not take breakfast in the morning, then it also leads to loss of your health and also leads to hunger.

Calorie intake

The body needs full diet to function. Consumption of low calorie food consumes more appetite. Every moment seems like it did not eat food. Eat calories rich food to relief from this problem.

Breakfast is necessary

Breakfast is very important for us as it keeps us energetic. When we have breakfast in the right amount, we do not even feel hungry again. Some people do not eat dinner in the morning. 

Do not eat too soon
Some people eat food quickly in the wake of office. Without chewing, it does not digest food. It starts having stomach-related problems. In such a case it is very important to eat food only after chewing, so that there is no problem in digesting it. The food will come as quickly and well, the same amount of appetite
Will look less.

Eating habits

When the child is eating less according to his diet, then the parents feel overwhelmed with great anxiety. Because of this, they are disturbed to feed the baby every few minutes. This makes the habit of eating more when the child is older.

Have to take full sleep

Every person should take 7 to 8 hours of sleep. By doing so, the person remains energetic. Taking full sleep does not seem to be hungry as well as keeping the stomach fine. Get enough energy to provide energy to the body and get relief from the problem of hunger.

These Herbs Will control hunger

There are some such herbs, which you can control in your daily diet and control your appetite. Antioxidants and minerals present in these herbs are considered beneficial for your body.


Do You too feel hungry again and again so these measures can give relief you

Ginger regulates the desire for food. Your blood sugar is also controlled by ginger consumption. Use ginger in the daily tea, salad, vegetable etc.


Make sure to use cinnamon in the daily diet. It not only controls your appetite but also controls your blood sugar. This makes you feel full of stomach for a long time. Meatballism increases with the use of cinnamon. It also cleans the arteries and reduces bad cholesterol. You can mix cinnamon in tea, curd, oatmeal etc. Along with this, vegetables can also use it.

Green chilli

Green chilly not only makes your food fun, but also helps in feeling full with your stomach. This allows you to control your eating habit and frequent appetite. This herb contains a compound called capsesein, which increases metabolism.

Garlic regulates appetite. By consuming garlic, there is a signal to the brain that the stomach is full. Garlic intake is better for heart health and also prevents blood clots from forming.

Black pepper

Do You too feel hungry again and again so these measures can give relief you

Eating black pepper is beneficial for the whole body. Sprinkle black pepper powder daily in salads, vegetables, fruits and so on. It can also be used as a spice in making tea and making vegetables. Black pepper removes excess fat from the body and reduces cholesterol.

Be careful of these things 

If you feel very hungry and want to eat again and again, then this can be a serious problem. It is important to find out the reason behind this. One cause of constant hunger can be stress, because when you are in a lot of stress, then the cortisol name begins to form in the Haarmon body. It seems very hungry.

Stomach bugs

Many times you also feel very hungry due to intestinal insects. These worms, especially tapevarm, remain long in your body and you do not even know it. These parasites take all the necessary nutrients from your body and give you fat and sugar. This starts to cause you much hunger.


Hypothyroidism can also be a cause of persistent hunger. In this, due to thyroid, the level of the hormone increases in the body and starts to feel hungry.


Hypoglycemia i.e. Low sugar level may also be the reason for this. In this, the level of blood sugar decreases in the body, due to which the hunger looks more.


If you are taking an antibiotic or allergy medication, it can have some side effects, which can cause you much more hunger.


Dehydration can also be a reason to be constantly hungry. When the body lacks water, sometimes the brain can not make a difference in hunger and thirst.